I have been drawing nearly as long as I can remember. When I was young I would set up my action figures to use as models for whatever adventure I was drawing that week. I was around six or seven years old when my older sister was assigned a project for her art class. She was tasked with recreating a comic strip of her choice. I helped her pick one from the Sunday comic strips as I was a bit of an expert on them and she probably had to steal them from me, as I hoarded them in my room to read and re-read. After we had selected an appropriately comical “Blondie” comic strip and cut it out for her to work from she set to work at copying it to her sketchbook. Me being the annoying little brother that I was sat right down beside her and began creating my own copy from the same material. When we had completed the project she marveled at the accuracy of my creation (copy of someone else’s creation). She ended up taking it to school with her to show her art teacher. She came home at the end of the day and informed me that her art teacher was amazed that I was able to do that and that it was not only better than my older sister’s work but the rest of the class as well. I was so excited to receive praise like that for something that I considered to be a part of me that I wanted to be an artist.

What is an artist? I won’t bore you with all of the arguments one way or the other but in my opinion it is anyone who creates, plain and simple. We have a tendency to picture a tortured artist slaving away in a studio never getting any recognition until they are dead. I am starting this site because I want to create. I have a "regular" full time job and want to share my art and thoughts through this medium. I have things to create, stories to tell, and people waiting for me to inspire them. I AM AN ARTIST……

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